What Is The Most Natural And Stylish Way To Travel

That has to be a question that i have always asked myself when it comes from getting from A to B.

white limousine

Seriously i do really ask myself that. If I have the choice of travel, what would i pick to get me from start to end?

There is the normal and most easy way that is walking. But who really wants to walk around, get sweaty, get agitated by the hordes of people around you as well as ruining those perfect pair of heels or hand made derby shoes.

If we are not walking there is always public transport. But i have to say i am little over getting on stuffy buses, late trains that these days are charging you through the nose to be late anyway. I do like to take taxi now and again, if anything that has to be my vice.

Don’t get me wrong i am not lazy, not at all. I don’t mind the walk now and again. When the sun is shining i do like to feel the hot rays over my face as i have my morning walk to work. Then after a long days work of arguing with colleagues, trying to get your point across you just want to detach and have a little me time at that point a leisurely walk home can’t be beat.

With that in mind the walk can be great but can also be little boring at times, there are only so many routes one can find to get home until the journey becomes a little tedious and starts to actually became a chore.

So to that end how would you like to travel? What is the natural state of human travel? Well after hearing new age gurus speak, i stumbled upon a extract from Deepak Chorpra who actually states what us humans are after.

That is luxury! I mean it! Our natural state is to find luxury in everything we do. We don’t have want to work hard, we want the luxury of money quickly and easily. We also as a species are evolving to actually appreciate the finer things in life. We all want that luxurious touch to anything and everything we do.

After pondering on that fact and drawing parallels to my life i landed upon the realisation that i would love to have a A1 service! I want to be picked up for all events, large or small by a limousine!

I mean it, a limo with a chauffeur to ferry me to where i want to be would be truly amazing and would fit my natural state of living. Imagine being picked up and drove around from A to B by my very own driver would be heaven on earth.

Imagine not having to walk anywhere. Imagine not having to be crushed in a tube train as you fight your way through the daily rat race. That to me is true heaven and for me a stretch limo, be it american stretch lincoln or executive merc or BMW would be the way for me to travel.

If that is something you would like to try for yourself why not have a look at www.limosoflondon.com and see if your natural state of mind is travel in a luxurious limo.